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Editorial Assessment


We assess three chapters of your book, the first, the middle and the final, we believe this this gives us a fair view, it is not uncommon for authors to commence with much enthusiasm and then this wanes as work progresses.

We look at nineteen areas of your manuscript and provide you with an assessment of your performance in each of these. These areas are

We then offer you either a Classic Edit or an Advanced edit and as part of our arrangement require that you take one or the other. What is involved in each of these?


Why do we insist on at least the Classic Edit?


There are two reasons for this, firstly this is to be an offering to God as part of 'the works He has prepared for you before the foundation of the world .' [Ephesians 2:10] and carrying the 'Jesus Joy Publishing' imprint it is our responsibility as part of the works prepared for us that we ensure every offering is a worthy one.

Secondly, no matter how careful we are we will make mistakes and because we know the content and intent no matter how many times we review it we know that the eye sees what it wants to see. We become so familiar with our book, we don't want to let our minds convince us of what we expected to see.

Can I not ask a friend or colleague to edit my manuscript?


You might but all too often friends are reluctant to point out errors beyond simple typos for fear of offending. Secondly they are not looking as a professional at your work and are unlikely to be being paid for doing so. Their attention, however well intentioned is not going to be fully focussed. Each of us only has so much 'spare time', it is an editors paid remuneration and thus their focus is somewhat different from a friend or colleague.